I t’s not my first visit to the mighty Burj Khalifa but I promise even your 100th visit be as exciting as your first visit. Burj Khalifa is such an engineering marvel, a symbol of hope and an example of what dedication can accomplish. There are lots of stories and lessons to be learnt from the world’s tallest building.

I personally feel that visiting Burj Khalifa boosts my confidence and the courage to overcome any hardships. On a nice evening, I drive my Porsche Cayenne to the Burj Khalifa, dressed in perfect black outfit and a flashy red shoes.

For a quick drink I visit Atmosphere, a lounge by Armani hotel, one of the luxuriest hotels in the world. The stairs and the view of the city from the above makes me feel like it’s the stairs to the heaven on earth.

The view from the lounge is always unique, there is something new to learn every time, it’s kind of a self-realization about me and my business. It’s the movement from the above that you can watch, information lies in the tiniest of details, you have to pay attention to any amount of details that the nature offers.

I sit there for a brief moment to experience the luxury, witness the sunset and enjoy my drink. I grab the positive motivation from my visit to the top of the world before I head back to do what I am best at, being MrKay, #IThePerfect.