Not all business decisions and meetings are held inside a conference room in some business tower, it’s not my kind of style. I make business on the go, on the travel, on my laptop.

This time, I meet few of the top investors of Dubai over a cup of tea and we make managerial decisions and while we enjoy the tea. We had a brief talk about the current market and our future plans.

After the meeting, I change my jacket to a more casual one. I sit there in lounge and enjoy the ambience and the architecture. Meydan hotel itself is not special but the amazing surrounding is what makes Meydan an exotic place. It is adjacent to the race track which hosts the Horse race and World Cup.

About my ride for this visit: It’s my favorite Bentley Flying Spur, most suitable car for my business meetings. When I sit behind the wheels of this car, I feel more confident, dominant and the energy to make things happen.