Burj Al Arab is one of the tallest and luxuries hotels in world, it’s my go to hotel for any kind of occasion, be it a family get-together, a casual business talk, or a luxury retreat.

Experiencing Luxury and witnessing

Development is a motivation, when you

look closer at the details, you get new ideas.

If you see something in golden color inside Burj Al Arab, that’s probably real goad. This is how Burj Al Arab has redefined the term luxury. The ambience and positive vibe in this hotel is in a different level.

Scape Bar, which is the part of Burj Al Arab is a perfect place to escape from the fast moving world. You should always take time to relax, analyze and plan your forward movement. I definitely take my time in one of the elegant places for my retreat once in a while.

Coming to my outfit and ride: I am dressed in a stylish black and white outfit and a matching white sneakers. My ride for this visit is the mighty and powerful Bentley Flying Spur , which makes a perfect ride for such a beautiful hotel.